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Please Check My Math April 23, 2010

Posted by lablount in Guns, Idiot, Schadenfreude.
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I was trying to find the video referred to in this post by Breda.  The video is gone, sadly.  But in looking for that video, I stumbled across a number of, “Watch my GF/Wife/Friend/SumGirl get knocked on her tail by my BigMaHonkin-PawCannon*/Max-Gauge-Eargeshsplitten-Loadenboomer**;  HAR HAR HAR!” vids.  Is this funny?  

I won’t link to any.  But go to Youtube or any large video sharing site and search on “Recoil” and see how many posts are dedicated to women getting p’wnd by some large bore hunk of led spitting steel. 

I can see why THIS is funny.  

But please tell me how (female n00b + large caliber weapon that most big men don’t like to shoot + live ammo + physical harm) = highlarity? 

Hilarity would befall me if after the impractical un-joke Darling BF/Hubby/Friend/Sumguy was pistol whipped or butt stroked by the lass in a rage filled pre-menstrual fit of conniption.  I, for one, would truly LMAO!  I would hit the Facebook “like” button on that so many times my laptop would ‘splode. 

As a member of the male half(ish) of the species, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to the distaff portion.  I’m sorry.  Some of us are NOT like that.  Really.  To make up for it… here’s more Testosterone Poisoning (two links) for your viewing schadenfreude. 

And again.  Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Masculine Culpa. 

* Large Handgun
** Large Rifle