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All the News WE DEEM Fit to Print… May 24, 2010

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Hmm… Just got a call from the Houston Commie-cle. Sundays for only $1. Let’s see… No pet bird. I’m not moving and even if I was, that’s what the Green Sheet is for. I’m not a simpering leftist who can’t think critically. Nope… Were good here, thank you for calling and I hope you get a better job someday. …But then it wouldn’t be too hard to do better than Cold Caller for a Snoozpaper whose readership is fast approaching a very dense singularity.


A Picture is Worth a Thousand… Beatings May 24, 2010

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Now I’m ok with a wild animal, endangered or not, being put down for attacking a human.  Once that animal has the taste for human blood, it’s lost its fear of humans and is a danger.  That being said:  Because of idiots like this, I want is the following Regs added to all state and federal lands.  1) If a person causes the death of the animal by being a dumbass and forgetting that animals are not our furry friends but, you know, WILD ANIMALS, then that person should have to be present to watch the animal being put down.  2) Upon the death of said animal, said dumbass will placed in a pillory for a time not to exceed 30 days where passers by, for a fee to be collected for the upkeep of the park, may do nasty and unsanitary things to said dumbass’ nethers with any rusty implements smaller than 15 inches and not to exceed 2 pounds in gross weight.

“Don’t feed the bears,” is NOT we humans being mean and nasty to our nature brothers.  It’s an acknowledgement that once you leave suburbia, you are no longer the top of the food chain.  Act like it.  You are prey, and when a wild animal does you the courtesy of leaving you alone, you do likewise lest you end up proving that you belonged at the edge of the herd.  You see, when those guys on NatGeo and Animal Planet go out looking at all does cuddwy wuddwy widdle fuzzys, what you don’t see are the armed guides with mad hunting skills, that include knocking a gnat off a pin head at 100 yards, and their high powered rifles.  …Because nature does not love us no mater how much you give to the WWF or how much granola you eat.

If you bug a critter, not matter how small, it will finally decide it’s either you or it; and it ALWAYS votes “it”.   Sometimes that vote ends in it running like a deer.  But when that animal is equipped with claws and teeth and a usually surly ‘tude, you can pretty much guess it’s coin if going to land on “Fight” more often than “Flight”.  Act accordingly.

I wish that would have been a bearzilla that guy decided to go all Annie Leibovitz on!

I Love it When a Plan Comes Together! May 14, 2010

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The darling Mrs. was fast forwarding through commercials during Bones and I yelled:

I saw a silver on black version of the A-Team logo.

“AW CRAP!  That can only mean they are making a movie!”

I had her rewind.

Liam Neeson as “Hannibal”!  Bradley Cooper as “Face”!  “Fook” from District 9 as Murdock!  Some UFC guy that pulls off Large and Mean with a side of cheese as well as Mr. T!  DUDE!  I’m so giving this a chance!

OK… OK… it’s got Jessica Biel whose acting talent is as over rated as her looks.  But if Liam could make Phantom Menace bearable, surely he can more than cancel out Biel’s stage presence, or lack there of.  Hey, at least it’s not Megan Fox.

As a side note, when I was looking for the trailer on Youtube, I found this.  Enjoy.

Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain May 10, 2010

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Can’t stop the Signal, Barry!

Breda has a good quote for this nonsense.