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What Our Signals Intel Has to Deal With April 23, 2010

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This is a slightly redacted (to protect the guilty) IM thread about the inability of getting the correct file when needed.  The parties in question say it can’t be done.  And that’s when my frustration and ill-advised sense of humor make the thread go way bad.

larry- @!$@*! says:
Now how much of that is “won’t”, not “can’t”, I can’t say.  But it still leaves us with our d**k in our hands and the nuns walking around with a ruler
larry- @!$@*! says:
I think I have a new fetish

<Edited for OpSec> says:
k, that one sounds painful

larry- @!$@*! says:
Pain is weakness leaving the body.  …and pleasure cinching down the ball gag.

<Edited for OpSec> says:
lmao, you are very sick

larry- @!$@*! says:
I am… sadly.  very.

I imagine the poor NSA analyst coming across this and filing for early retirement.  Sorry.



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